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What is a People Search?

People Search is great way to find detailed information about old friends, family members, past loves, former classmates, and just about anyone.

Search for people by name to find out their location and contact information including phone numbers, address history, age, birthdate, household members and more. A free online summary is included for all searches.

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Input the name of the person you're interested in learning more about into the search box above and click "Search". People Results include verified name, aliases, age, date of birth, current address, address history, unlisted phone numbers, relatives, email addresses, criminal records, and more.

We access the same databases that government agencies use. Our sources contain billions of compiled records that are continuously updated, and span over 20 years of historical data. We can find people wherever they are.

People Search Results Include:

  • Full name & aliases
  • Current street address
  • Phone numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Relatives
  • Previous addresses
  • Household members
  • Online profiles
  • Email addresses
  • Photos
  • And more

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We provide fast and accurate people search, email search, reverse searches, phone number lookups, criminal record checks, full background reports, and more. A list of potential matches and an online report summary are included free for all searches. You can then quickly reference and access your full customized report. We make it easy to verify and know what you're getting if you decide to purchase more detailed information.

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